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Painting furniture is the best way to breathe new life into something revered & old and save a lot of money. Generally, the older the furniture is, the better the quality, and therefore worth the investment to rework the finish. The choices are endless for recreating the look of the piece. Reincarnate your childhood dresser to your child's taste. Turn that ugly file drawer set into art. Your mom's dining room set from an era long gone is just dying for modernization. Whatever you've got: we've got ideas for it. Almost always, the room in which the piece of furniture is located will direct ideas for the final finish. This may include several different colors, patterns, glazing, distressing, crackling, decoupage, faux tile, leather, replicating a fabric, etc…

You might also consider your kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities as furniture. Save money by painting them instead of ripping out and installing new. Achieve a fresh look through paint by using original techniques for a customized feel. We can co-ordinate your cabinetry with the room's existing decor.

Other services available include projects such as light carpentry (wainscoting, installing simple molding and shelving…), light upholstery (recovering chair seats, pillow making, headboards…) and window treatments (cornices, draperies…)

Anything is possible with PaintAppeal!